Thursday, 11 June 2009


Cheated again because I didn't get it finished off till this afternoon.

This is a nursing hoodie from the Blessed Designs #1003 pattern. I made the small size. All through sewing this I thought it would be too small. I should have read the pattern instructions more closely. It does fit though! But it would be better with a bit more ease.

I cut this out not too long ago, from a knit fabric I bought on ebay. Its kind of an odd fabric - it's a knit but its very thick. The fabric was a very strange width too. Very narrow. It doesn't have a huge amount of stretch to it either.

I added cuffs to it to make it look a bit more sporty. I copied the cuffs that were on a hoodie that I already had. The nursing openings work really well, they aren't too small but they aren't so big that they are gappy.

I've got quite a lot of transfers, labels and other embelishment bits a bobs. I knew I wanted to use something on this because it looked so plain. The heart wasn't quite what i had in mind, but I think it looks great! Its kind of like little crystal bead things. Hopefully it won't all fall off first time I wash it!

Tonight I plan on sewing buttonholes and buttons on to a dress and a shirt, and finishing off a little romper thing.

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