Tuesday, 9 June 2009

7 Day Challenge!

I've given myself a challenge. Finish up one project every day this week, starting Monday and ending on Sunday night.

Mondays Project.

Cloth pads from the Fern and Faerie patterns. Two of them needed over locked together and they all needed threads trimmed and snaps put on. Three of them are the #304 Foldable Wing pattern, and the others are made with the tops from the #303 Contoured tab pattern and the wings from the foldable wing pad. The patterns are interchangeable, so you can make any combination you like. I thought the tabs would be too hard to over lock around. It turned out the wings were hard to over lock around and they look kind of horrible and messy, like they've been sewn by a 7 year old. No more over locked pads I think. When I get round to making some more I will turn and top stitch them instead.
The maxi sizes look pretty good (they're the medium ones) but the mini pads look kind of useless. I can't imagine using them. They are quite small and fiddly to make.

Here you can see the crappy sewing on the #303 style pads! I made the insides with scraps of hemp fleece or cotton sherpa fleece - which are all knit fabrics and they seemed to get all twisted when I did the quilted top parts. It all seems to be slipping about inside the PUL now. The sewing on the #304 style pads is much better, but as you can see they aren't waterproof. The absorbent part is folded into thirds underneath.
This is it unfolded. This is the super size pad. I used 2 layers of hemp fleece sewn together, so there are 6 layers altogether when its folded.
I love the fabric. It was a remnant of quilting flannel that I bought from ebay. I also bought a couple of FQs of co-ordinating flannel.
That's project #1 complete! Tonight I am planning on finishing a smocking project that has been on the go since William was about 4 months old - he is 5 now!!!! It is sad, because it is even too small for R now, but I'm sure I can find it a loving new home once its done. Can't wait to finish it - it is adorable!

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