Sunday, 30 November 2008

Some Goodies!

Before I start, may I direct your attention to my word count -------> 49,100! Only 900 words to go!!!!!!!!
Alright, these are some things I got just recently.

Some fabric from Purely Patchwork. Got some fabric for something I'm making for my mums birthday and some Christmas fabric too, to make some Christmas nappies. I spent a whopping £5.99 on a reel of variegated Christmas coloured thread. And I got some pins and needles.
Moving on... a delivery of stuff for my new obsession from The Japan Centre in London.

I've got 3 child sized bento boxes, farm themed plastic cups, farm themed mayonnaise containers, paper cases, rice ball maker, triangle paper cases, soy sauce bottles, teddy bear mould - for cookies, cutting sandwiches or a mould for rice, star and heart egg shaper and cocktail stick sort of things.

Aren't they so cute!! They're for picking food up, like sliced sausage, or maybe fruit that's a bit messy.

These are the sauce bottles, it says you can fill them with tomato sauce too if you like, but they're a bit on the tiny side.

This is the inside of the bento box - it cost a whole £3.99! The bottom part is probably for rice, and the section with the divider sits on top of that. Some of them came with bits to put your chop sticks in, but they were a bit more expensive. These ones seemed the best value. Can't wait to try them out!


Lucie said...

So glad you've posted, Denise and I were saying today we havent heard from you in ages. Hope you're all well. I lurve your Japanese goodies - what's the website?? I do Bento boxes for the children but without all those lovely accessories, my girls would love them.

Good luck with finishing the novel too!!

C said...

Way to go - can't believe you've almost completed your novel - well done!!
Lovely goodies - trying hard not to feel envious!
Love Cea x