Sunday, 6 February 2011

UFO Challenge

So I'm not quite finished my To-do list yet, but I fancy a change of scene.  I’ve just had a rummage through my UFO boxes and I’ve found:

  • Girls Pjs
  • Ooga Booga hooded top
  • Smocked dresses x3
  • Oliver+S playsuit
  • Newborn nappy cover
  • Newborn AIO
  • Newborn nappy
  • AIO nappies x2
  • Dress/pinafore type thing
  • Baby carrier

Most of them are fairly simple to finish.  Makes me wonder why I never finished them in the first place!  I’ve got 13 items, so I will see how many I can finish in 7 days – starting tomorrow.  That gives me today to find pattern instructions and get everything I need to hand to finish these projects.

To-do list completed so far…

Finished the Ottobre pyjamas.  They’re from the 6/2009 issue.  I am not overly impressed with them.  The necklines are very wide, the top seems quite baggy, and the trousers are very small.  I get that they are supposed to have a legging type fit, but there isn’t much bum space!  For a child in nappies they would be useless.


This is the first pair I made.  The squirrely/moose fabric is from the JOS co-op, and the grey knit is from eBay.  Its not quite as stretchy as the interlock.  I made these the way the instructions said to make them – the seams are overlapped then sewn with a cover stitch.  I found this very annoying!  It kind of has a chewed up look to it.

I don’t like the wavy effect on the ribbing.  Maybe cutting the ribbing slightly wider would have helped.

The second pair is made from some fabric I got from a friend paired with eBay interlock.  I made fake cover stitched seams this time.  I just sewed and ordinary seam, then cover stitched over the top – I actually used a mock cover stitch that I have on my sewing machine because I just could not figure out how to sew it with my overlocker.  Again I didn’t like the way the cuffs looked.


The third pair are made with JOS and eBay fabric.  I did the fake cover stitch seams again and this time skipped sewing it on the cuffs.  I think they look a lot better this way.


Here is a close up of the cuffs.

DSC02224The red trousers look totally stretched and wavy with the extra topstitching.  And I’m really not liking the white matched with the red!  For the robot pjs I wish I’d used the light blue instead of white for the arm cuffs, but I thought red and blue might look odd together.

Here is a pic of my re-organised fabric storage.  I still have a whole set of drawers full of fabric that I could be doing with to store clothes in!


On top from L to R are boxes with micro fleece, scraps, UFOs and wool. 

Top shelf from L to R is misc knits, PRR fabric, misc bits and pieces then fleece.  I think there are folders in the cube that is hidden behind the dress. 

Middle shelf from L to R has plain knits, boy knits, girl knits, then stripes and fabric I plan to use soon.  The hidden cube has interfacing, and some old clothes I plan to recycle into something else.

Lower shelf from L to R has basket of craft bits and pieces, PUL, basket of xmas craft things, PUL with suede cloth on top, then… dunno actually.  Must be a basket of something!  The dress that is hanging there I plan to take up.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Updated to do list

Alterations needing done:
  • Take up really long jeans
  • Take up other pair of jeans
  • Take up knit dress
  • Take up other dress
  • Take in denim dress
  • Possibly take up dress I am currently wearing(?)
Cutting out needing done:
  • Corduroy jacket
  • Mark cream blouse markings then remove pattern and cut out white blouse
  • Elastic in pjs
  • Jalie top needs hems
  • Possibly have a finishing marathon on old box of UFO’s
Sewing needing done:
  • Ottobre top – needs some interfacing cut out first