Sunday, 13 July 2008

Kitten Update

**Chloe is a boy!!!!!***

lol! They went to the vet and it turns out Chloe is a boy. We are trying to decide on Leo or Theo for a name, though i have been calling him Grey. Because he's grey.

Friday, 11 July 2008

Our new kittens

We decided to call this one Chole. She is grey and white. She has some sort of tabby cat stripes through her fur.
This is Max - asleep. He is a sort of fawn and white colour. He's also got some tabby stripes. Their mum was a tortoise shell colour. They really like playing with lego!
Chloe asleep.
R asleep too!

Their new kitty sofa from ebay! Its so cute and its reversable too. I could have made one, but the kittens arrived sooner than we were expecting them. Kwik Sew has all sorts of patterns for pets. I'll get round to making something for them soon.

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Diaper Shower Part 2.

My pictures aren't great here because it was night time and I had the light on. The colours didn't come out very well.

So, this is for another Diaper Shower. It's off to Australia this time:-) Its my 1st time using the Little Comet Tails patterns. I made a pair of Crecent Moon yoga pants - the picture doesn't give you an idea how tiny they really are, there is an xs Little Starters nappy and an xs Little Starters cover.
The yoga pants were fine till i decided to hem them with a decorative stitch. Now it looks like someone has just punched 100s of holes in the hem instead. The picture doesn't show how crappy it really is. I made these with some PRR knit that I've had for about 6 years! I used co-ordinating ribbing on the top, cutting it slightly smaller since the ribbing is very stretchy.
Look at the little gussets on the cover! I had to unpick lots of FOE here because I didn't stretch it around the leg openings. Really, it wouldn't have killed me to get up and check the instructions. Unpicking a 3 step zigzag is not fun! Sewing over the gussets while stretching the FOE was really tricky. Maybe because it is such a little size. It might be easier with the bigger sizes. You can't see in the picture, but the snaps are actually engraved with little flowers :-) I'm not too in love with the yellow, but it was the best match I had for the fabric.
Here is the nappy. Its lined with yummy bamboo velour. I think I did something wrong with this. There is an uneven amount of snaps on the front and its kind of odd. I must have not trimmed 1/4 inch properly from the wings because they are overlapping. The pink overlocking doesn't look too lovely either. It looks kind of orange where it goes over the yellow print. I used hemp stretch terry as the soaker fabric and it feels really light. I think I'll make an extra booster to put in it.
How perfect are the snaps! They match the blue and yellow exactly. They are engraved with flowers too.

Nice boring picture of the inside. The snaps at the front are hidden and the elastic is only on the top two layers, so there is no elastic stitching on the inner layer. Because its the xs size it has a dip in the front for a newborns belly button.
This is the nappy inside the cover. It doesn't fit too well because i made the mistake with not trimming off the seam allowence.
And this is just one last pic for good measure! I really want to make some of these yoga pants for R. They look so comfy and the have lots of nappy space inside them.

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Sewing in action!

This is the little chick romper I made. I'd almost forgot I made it! It fits really nicely, and is great and roomy over cloth nappies. Being velour it makes R even more soft and huggable than usual!


I've seen this pattern for a while but I never bought it because I really don't love aplix. And this has LOTS of aplix. I saw it again while I was looking for the Darling Diapers pattern and I thought why not - its only $5, plus it was downloadable, so no waiting around for the post. I saw the cool video on the website and I was even more convinced to buy it.

And here is the 1st one I made... Basically its a one size pocket. Great if you don't have a tumble drier and good value for money since you only need the one size.

This is a close up of the welt pocket opening on the front. Fuzzi Bunz have patented the traditional back opening, and apparently they come after any little WAHMs who are making nappies like that to sell. How mean! So this one uses the welt pocket opening, which IMO is 100 times nicer looking - and easier to stuff than the Fuzzi Bunz. I thought it might be quite difficult to make, and then I read the instructions - a whole page and a half dedicated to the welt pocket and I was extremely confused. But I just followed it step by step and it turned out great! Well, actually I sewed it on backwards at first and had to unpick, and I sewed it a bit further down than you were supposed to and one corner isn't so pretty... But apart from that its perfect!
This is how it looks on the small setting. Not the prettiest, but its not got the bulk at the front that other one sizes have. In the 1st picture you will see little hook tabs on the front of the loop, well you pull the little hook tabs out and then fold over the top. The loop on the front sticks on to the hook tabs.
I didn't realise I'd made a trio of primary colours!

Darling Diapers

I just got this pattern a few days ago. Wow! It has so much in it. I could hardly decide what to make. I decided on some All in Ones for easy Daddy changes. The first one is made with yellow PUL, a hidden layer of hemp stretch terry and a striped flannel inner. The soaker snaps in and is made from 3 layers of hemp fleece and matching flannel.

Here is the side view. its really quite trim. I used blue touchtape for the side tabs because I thought it would look cool.
This is the inner. The soaker is overlocked with woolly nylon. I don't usually use woolly nylon, but it was in my machine, and it was a pretty good match. My boy would not let me get a picture! He is trying to get the camera. And yes, I totally dress my boy in a lilac nappy!
Was trying to get a modelling shot, but he wasn't co-operating. Its actually a bit smaller than I thought it would be. As I was sewing it I was sure the legs were too big. It didn't seem like the elastic was stretched enough, but it fits fine. I think I'd have been better off going for the large rather than the medium size. I'd prefer it if it was a bit trimmer through the crotch. I might modify that a bit if I make it again. The flat front didn't seem to gap like I thought it would, so it was pretty succesful... except Daddy still managed to put it on backwards. Then he accused it of being a stupid design and because he hadn't stuck the tabs down right it fell off and he accused my sewing of being crappy :-(
I made the red one with snaps just to be different. It turned out ok too. Its the same as the one above except for the red PUL and the flannel has stars on it. I also did a decorative stitch round the front. The stitch didn't want to go round the curves very well, so its a good job the snaps are hiding it :-)