Thursday, 21 August 2008

Random Bits

A fluffy stack! I found a piece of fabric one day when I was rummaging and I had an idea about making a whole matching set with it. I got some Dylon and some white velour and dyed my fabric to match the print. The lime green and print ones are Little Starters, the lime green velour is a side snapping Little One Size, and the rest are front snapping Little One Sizes. There are a couple more that aren't in the picture. I still have to put snaps on for the snap in soakers. This is a one size on a small setting, and one on a bigger setting. The rise snaps down inside.
These are two medium Fattycakes I sent to Denise for her little boy. Both are PRR knit prints on the outside. The whale one I have had for about 6 years now! I used woolly nylon thread on the whales one. It turned out quite nice. I planned to use a nice lime green french terry for the inside of the car one, but when I came to cut out I found my bit of fabric was too small! So I was stuck with this not so nice sweatshirt fleece green. The other one is a dark blue velour. I have washed it THREE times! I was worried the dye might come out.
This is a very boring picture of the trifold soaker. Its two layers of hemp fleece and one of the sweatshirt fleece. Folded up it will be 9 layers altogether. I think my trifolds are a bit on the short side. I need to make them a bit longer.
Well... this was my attempt at a close up of the little size tags. Didn't turn out too great though... I did do hidden snaps on these for some reason. Not sure why. Maybe I didn't have enough snaps when I was making them.

Some of my mini diapers and the cover. But the cover is too small!!!! Or my baby is too fat.... I am going to try making extended tabs with the touchtape so it should fit a bit better.
This is the diaper shower gift that I sent off to Australia.
I sent these two AIOs as extras. They're made from the Darling Diapers pattern. The yellow one turned out a bit wonky on one side, which was a shame. Probably no one else will notice it though. I LOVE the way the multi coloured thread looks with the heart print flannel. The soakers and the hidden layers are made from birdseye, which is a fabric I haven't really used much.
Little dress from the Vintage baby Bubble pattern. Its made from linen, which as you can see creases badly! I'd just ironed it, then folded it to see if it would fit inside the parcel and it got a big fold line down it.

My favourite!

This is my favourite KCK One out of all the ones I made. Its a cotton woven fabric laminated with PUL for the outer and a red microfleece inner. I used blue touchtape on it. It blends in quite nicely.
This is the back.
Close up of the cool woven label.

I used royal blue PUL for the welt pocket. The other star one I made I used red touchtape and red PUL for the welt pocket. It looks nice, but not as nice as this one. I've got this one stuffed with a small prefold.
I tried to take a picture, but he kept walking to me. Yes! Walking!!!! He is really walking!

Monday, 4 August 2008

Sneak Peek

I have been very quiet lately. I joined a stash reduction game and so I've been busy sewing. It was scary cutting into all that fabric at first.. but now it feels great! Look what I've made... (pictures are rather awful since they were taken at night with the light on.)

A big pile of stuff!

Two Darling Diapers AIOs and a teeny weeny Little Comet Tails xxs AIO. These were for a diaper shower gift, but the baby turned out to be a boy! I will make something new. Poor baby boy is in NICU because he was born early and is having some problems :-( Hope he gets well soon.
Colours look awful in this pic. The orange is nicer in real life. Its a cover, and there are two Fattycakes nappies underneath. (Those are for you Denise!!!) The cover is part of a set i'm making.
10 Artistry Baby mini diapers and 10 KCK Ones. There is one modified KCK One that I put snaps on.
I adore this cover! Its so perfect. Its a much nicer colour in real life though. I put baby soft loop on the front and lined it with suedecloth fabric.
Look it has penguins on it! And it matches the outer fabric so nicely.The mini diaper fits perfectly inside it. I think the mini diapers will be handy to put inside night nappies too as mega boosters. Fingers crossed it will fit on the baby!

All that photo taking woke the poor wee boy up. He looks so crabby!

Well, thats all for now! Got to get cutting and sewing again...