Monday, 15 December 2008

Bits n Bobs

The Bento boxes turned out to be too small. According to Japanese guidelines they're about the right size for a two year old! So I'm using them as snack boxes. Here's a little snack I made the other day.

What else... well I made a few nappies. Finished them off really. They were cut out ready to sew.
They're the top three. The yellow, orange and ocean (I think!) colours.

The touchtape looks kind of horrible already. It seems thinner than aplix, so its more see through. I think that adds to the grubby look. I don't like aplix loop much either. It looks horrible after a few washes, and it tends to hold crummy bits. The coloured touch tape is good though. So I'll probably stick to that (haha - unintentional joke).

This is my nice Ikea baby changing unit where my nappies are supposed to live. It's looking a bit bare....
Because most of the stuff is dumped on the floor next to it. What a mess....