Saturday, 21 June 2008


This was one of the first nappy patterns I ever purchased. I remember making some using the turn and topstitch method since I didn't have an overlocker, and using metal snaps. They were awful to apply! I decided to dig it out and give it a go again. I'm really proud of the result. It took forever to make. Such a faff! I had to keep switching between machines, changing stitches, walking foot on, walking foot off etc. If I make it again I'll ignore the instructions and do it my own way.

This is it on the bigger setting. It fits from 8-40lbs supposedly. This is the little setting. You fold the top over and there are snaps underneath for the smaller size.This is the inside. I also made the snap in toddler doubler. It snaps into the small snap settings.I'm not sure about the sizing of this though. It's soooooo wide. And the wings are sort of short and stubby. It looks like they are going to curl once its on too. Here it is with a small Very Baby. They're roughly the same size but it's so much wider. I don't see this fitting an 8lb baby at all. It'll be really bulky between the legs for the smaller sizes.Here it is back on the big setting. Its roughly the same size as the medium Fattycake nappy, but still its so much wider. Speaking of the Fattycake. Here it is. It's a medium size.
The inside is made with a yellow velour. It matches nicely with the stripy fabric.This is the 1st snap in tri-fold soaker I've made. I used two layers of hemp fleece and topped it with the yellow velour.

Both of these are on their way to a friend. I need to finish cutting out a few bits then I can get down to some serious sewing. I'm going to make everything assembly line style. It's boring, but before you know it you have loads of finished nappies.

Friday, 20 June 2008

Diaper Shower

One of my sewing groups hold "Diaper Showers". Its based on the idea of a "baby shower" except the gifts are nappies. Here are two shower gifts I've made. Just need to get them posted. One to Canada and one to the US.

The 1st one is a Very Baby nappy made from bamboo velour, with a cover from the free Chloe Toes pattern and some flannel/hemp stretch terry wipes)

The 2nd one is also a Very Baby nappy, but made side snapping. The cover is the Very Baby Snug Wrap, which I put snaps on. The little bug on the back is an iron on motif that I stitched on. I'm going to get some fabric glue and glue the rest of it on. I should have placed it a bit lower down really.... I'll know next time. The wipes with this set are also flannel and hemp stretch terry.

I'm just finishing up a bunch of nappies. Off to do that now...