Monday, 29 August 2011

Work in Progress...

 Lots of stuff on the go... first is this jacket from Ottobre 3/04.  It was meant for summer but summer seems to be gone now!  It still needs some buttons to finish.  The collar was a complete disaster.  I couldn't figure out from the instructions what I was supposed to do, so I made it up, and it turned out very wrong!  I have tried my best to fix it but it is far from perfect.
 This is from Ottobre 1/07 - the cover design.  I need to put the collar on then finish it off with hems and buttons etc.
 A quilt top made from Moda's Birdie fabric.  The picture doesn't show the colours up very well.  I need to cut the binding and the backing then it is ready to quilt.
 This is going to be a bag from the book Fabulous Fat Quarter Bags.  I need to find buckles and things before I can go any further with it.  My picture is pretty bad - the colours are much brighter in real life.

This is going to be a cathedral window cushion - eventually....


Finally finished something!  One and a half pairs of pyjamas.  I don't know where the bottoms from the smaller size went.  Maybe I didn't even cut them out.  These are from Ottobre issue 4/05.  They turned out far too huge and baggy.  The neck line is also very large.

 I didn't do the neck binding like it said in the instructions.  I copied the method from a Jalie pattern, which I really like the look of.  I didn't manage to get my V quite pointy enough though.
Girls pyjamas.  The top is from Ottobre 1/03 - it's not a pyjama top, just a long sleeved t.shirt.  The bottoms are the leggings pattern from the book Sewing Clothes Kids Love.  The top turned out to be a bit on the large side, and the leggings really are very tight, so maybe not the best thing for pyjamas.  I didn't like the neck binding on the top.  It turned out very bulky.  I need to make more girls pyjamas and also some plain long sleeved tops for wearing under things, so I think I'll have a look around for some different patterns.