Saturday, 31 May 2008

I made a sling

I just finished this sling from the Blessed Designs Comfort Cuddler pattern. It only took a couple of hours. But.............. I don't think it fits properly. Look at my boy in the pictures. He can't really see out. The straps are really slippy also. I need to add a chest strap. I did shorten the straps already, but I should have shortened the body too.

I made it with a lovely soft aubergine cord, and lined it with some delicious bamboo velour. I've put a hidden layer of denim inside to strengthen it. The foam padding for the waist and straps came from an old changing mat. It had ripped and I was going to throw it away when I thought the foam might come in handy for something :-) I washed the foam in the washing machine, so I know it won't disintegrate or anything when I wash the sling.

The sling has a large elasticated pocket on the front. I wasn't going to put it on, because I wanted to make it up quickly, but the pocket was really fast and simple to make. There are darts in the seat of the carrier too.

Hopefully I'll be able to figure out a way to make this fit better. I can't really sell it or pass it on to anyone because I cut webbing for the waist really short. I was running out of webbing and was trying to be frugal with it so I'd have enough to finish it off. I think I cut some off the shoulder straps too. So its not really very adjustable for different sizes.

I've also been working on another sling. The pattern was free to download. It's going to be denim with a Michael Miller "lovely lanterns" print front panel. I've got a cool little clip thing I'm going to attach to the waist so I can clip keys on it etc. But the whole thing has been a complete PITB to make. And now I'm out of webbing too. The pattern instructions specified one width of webbing, but on the pattern pieces the webbing is narrower. Oh, and I've made a wool wrap. But it has no snaps on it yet. I'm still waiting on my snap press getting fixed. I reeeeeeeally need it back. There is a big queue of nappies waiting to get snapped. (I just ordered two new wool wraps today too. Shhhh)

Saturday, 10 May 2008

The long awaited shepherd suit

It feels like this has taken me forever to do! The smocking didn't take too long, but construction took quite a while. then I gave it to my mum to hem. Then I lost a piece of fabric for the pants and had to re-cut it. It was then waiting ages for the button holes. I decided to do them tonight, but I nearly gave up! I just don't like doing button holes. I don't understand how the thing works. There is a little wheel thing on the button hole foot but sometimes it doesn't turn, and it doesn't sew the button hole right. Very annoying. But its done now. Phew! Because I've lined the pants in white its making them look a slightly different colour. But I'm sure no one will notice when they're on.

I forgot to get a picture of the little blue leather shoes that match. Nevermind. Will have to get a picture of it all in action.

I have another little smocked outfit to hem and add buttons and button holes to. Might work up the courage to do that tomorrow! It's navy cords that button onto a smocked shirt. Nothing quite as fancy as this one.

I've ordered some new snaps and dies. The snaps are all in really cute colours! I've also ordered some new patterns from Blessed Designs, some jeans stitch thread, and.... something else I think? Don't know. Got a lot planned to do!

Thursday, 8 May 2008

A few more things...

This top is made from Blessed Designs #1002. It is a nursing top. You lift the top layer and there are extended armhole openings in the white layer. Very good for keeping your stomach covered! It was so fast and easy to make! I will definitely make this again, but next time lengthen it by quite a bit. It's too short on me. Because I am small it makes me look even shorter! I think if I wear a longer top it'll make my body look longer and I'll look taller. The pink fabric came from my stash. I've had it about 4 years. It's not really my colour though. I just really wanted to try the pattern out.
The hems were done on my sewing machine. I was too lazy to set my overlocker up to do cover stitch. I think they look pretty good and quite professional. Picture is a bit blurred though.
One morning a few months ago I woke up and just randomly decided to sew this! I neglected my house for the day to sew it. It had just been waiting for snaps. It's from the Ottobre magazine. I have made this pattern before a couple of years ago. It's blue velour - very snuggly! The binding was a pain to do. I cut it to the width you were supposed to, but its really too narrow and annoying to work with. I think it looks horrible, but probably no one else will notice. I've never done anything like the chick applique before. It's not great. i had trouble turning round the curves. It still needs an eye. i have a packet of teeny beads somewhere, but I can't seem to find them. i might just draw it on with a fabric pen.
The drity marks are from dust. M decided to drill holes in the wall, and didn't bother clearing anything away. Loads of dust fell onto my sewing! I can't seem to rub it off. i will have to wash them.
A close up of the chick - and the dust. I used an satin stitch on the chick, a decorative stitch for the grass and a quilting stitch for the egg. the egg is cut from a piece of fleece and the chick from quilting cotton. The pattern had it just as an embroidery, not an applique. But I didn't think it would look so good on blue.

These are some felt balls that we made from wool. I found the instructions online and felted them in the washing machine. I didn't think they were going to work because we had trouble shaping the wool into a round ball. But they turned out ok I think.
R likes them! We were thinking about making one with a jingle bell hidden inside it. We might make some more later on.

Some finished items!

These are the finished Fattycake pocket nappies I was making the other day. My hand hurts from applying all the snaps!

This is the inner. It's made with a really soft microfleece. Unfortunately the stud part of the snaps are cream, because I've ran out of white studs. The lilac one actually has pink studs on the inside!
This is how the pocket works. Apparently it's technical name is a "sham pocket". I didn't hem the edges since its fleece and won't fray.
Just thought I'd add these two pictures. I made them a month or so ago. I think they are medium sized Very baby AIOs. These are daddy-proof nappies! I made them so they'd be easy for him to use. Half the time he puts on two covers, or uses a cover with a nappy that it doesn't go with. The light blue is an AIO with a birdseye inner. The royal blue one is a pocket. It leaked spectacularly on its first use. Out of the back too, which is really quite odd. I put R down for a nap and when he woke up whe was soaked right up the back to his shoulders almost!
This is a baby gift I finished last night. Well not totally finished, still have to trim threads etc. its a Fattycake nappy with a cover. The cover was made from the same pattern, just bound with FOE.
Recognise the soaker pad I'm holding? It's the disaster I made the other day! I just chopped the seams off and shaped it into an hourglass sort of shape. I added an extra layer of sherpa to it. The body is cotton knit, hidden sherpa and topped with velour and the soaker is cotton knit, two layers of sherpa and topped with velour. I think I will make a hemp fleece booster to go along with it.
This is the inside of the lilac cover. I lined it in microfleece. You can't really see it well in the picture, but I left an opening in it. So its a 2-in-1. It can be a cover, or stuffed with an insert and be a pocket nappy. I'm not sure how well it'll work, but I think its a cool idea.

The lilac cover matches perfectly with this little Ottobre dress. (which still needs hemmed) Originally the dress is what I planned on making for a gift, but I don't think I will send it. I just don't like it that much. It's also really quite small, and the nappy set is quite big (for a new baby) so I doubt they could be worn together anyway.

These are the pants that are supposed to go with the dress. Annoyingly the pants pattern was in a different Ottobre magazine, even though they were pictured together. I think the leg openings are just too wide on them.
More pictures later.....

Monday, 5 May 2008

Fattycakes - take 2

Well, these turned out not too badly. I think. I hope they will work ok. This is a small sized Fattycake. It's made from PUL and microfleece. I stitched them RS together and turned them. I sewed the elastic to the seam allowences. I topstiched really close to the edges, but not through the leg area.
The inside. I made the pocket opening at the front, so you don't have to stick your hand into the back of a stinky nappy to remove the insert. I hemmed the edges of th opening on this one, but it does make it a bit bulky. Since its fleece it won't fray, so i've left the edges unhemmed on the other ones. The opening is kind of envelope style.

This is a close up of the topstiching and the casing I made for the front elastic. I made a casing on the back elastic too. I still have to add snaps. I've made a lilac one and I've got a pale pink one cut out ready to sew. They are quite narrow through the crotch. I'm not too sure what to stuff them with. This one has a newborn sized pre-fold in it. Since they are for gifts I should probably send something to stuff them with. Maybe a tri-fold soaker or a contoured one.
I measured my own little Fattycake, and his measurements seemed to put him in the small size. I tried this one on him and its too small. I will make him some in medium size instead. Here is a pic of the little darling Fattycake. He'd just been outside in the sun :-) I think this is the first really nice sunny day we've had since he was born.

Sunday, 4 May 2008


I made these pj trousers a few months back for S with some flannel I'd had for ages. They were from a pattern from Burda magazine. Look what he did to them!!!!! I think he was sliding around on the floor and caught them on something sharp. Or so he says.... I might cut it into boosters for R's nappies. Don't want to waste fabric.

Some more mess... a prize for anyone who can guess what this is supposed to be!

This is about as good as I can get it looking. It's supposed to be a Fattycakes diaper. I don't know what went wrong. Maybe my elastic was too tight? Maybe I should have sewn it through all layers? Maybe using knit fabric was a bad idea? It's all just curled up and blah looking. It was supposed to be a baby gift too! I'm running low on all my nappy fabrics, so I'm really annoyed at messing this up. I also realised why I never t&t nappies... because I HATE it!!! So much extra work. It looks less professional. And the topstitching looks awful if its ever so slightly off.

I don't think I'll even bother trying to fix it. Especially as it is a gift. I'll cut out the centre in an hour glass sort of shape, maybe add an extra layer of hemp fleece, then serge it all together. It can be a snap in soaker for the next one. The next one will be made on the overlocker!!!! I will go back to using my usual elastic too. It was going to be part of a gift set. I want to make a matching cover to go with it. I'm not sure what pattern to use yet. I'm thinking I'd like to line the cover, and have an opening in the lining, to make it dual purpose. A cover or a pocket nappy. But I'm not too sure how that's going to work yet.

Also adding a picture of what happened when the baby got hold of a felt tip pen! It took a couple of days to come off, because there's only so much face washing a baby can take!

If I get a chance later I'll post some pictures of two tops I've made. Off now to order a knitting set for E.