Saturday, 10 May 2008

The long awaited shepherd suit

It feels like this has taken me forever to do! The smocking didn't take too long, but construction took quite a while. then I gave it to my mum to hem. Then I lost a piece of fabric for the pants and had to re-cut it. It was then waiting ages for the button holes. I decided to do them tonight, but I nearly gave up! I just don't like doing button holes. I don't understand how the thing works. There is a little wheel thing on the button hole foot but sometimes it doesn't turn, and it doesn't sew the button hole right. Very annoying. But its done now. Phew! Because I've lined the pants in white its making them look a slightly different colour. But I'm sure no one will notice when they're on.

I forgot to get a picture of the little blue leather shoes that match. Nevermind. Will have to get a picture of it all in action.

I have another little smocked outfit to hem and add buttons and button holes to. Might work up the courage to do that tomorrow! It's navy cords that button onto a smocked shirt. Nothing quite as fancy as this one.

I've ordered some new snaps and dies. The snaps are all in really cute colours! I've also ordered some new patterns from Blessed Designs, some jeans stitch thread, and.... something else I think? Don't know. Got a lot planned to do!


nocton4 said...

this is amazing, it is so very beautiful.
I love it.


Candy said...

Just stumbled on your blog by way of Denise and wanted to say that this is just beautiful! Great job!