Saturday, 5 July 2008


I've seen this pattern for a while but I never bought it because I really don't love aplix. And this has LOTS of aplix. I saw it again while I was looking for the Darling Diapers pattern and I thought why not - its only $5, plus it was downloadable, so no waiting around for the post. I saw the cool video on the website and I was even more convinced to buy it.

And here is the 1st one I made... Basically its a one size pocket. Great if you don't have a tumble drier and good value for money since you only need the one size.

This is a close up of the welt pocket opening on the front. Fuzzi Bunz have patented the traditional back opening, and apparently they come after any little WAHMs who are making nappies like that to sell. How mean! So this one uses the welt pocket opening, which IMO is 100 times nicer looking - and easier to stuff than the Fuzzi Bunz. I thought it might be quite difficult to make, and then I read the instructions - a whole page and a half dedicated to the welt pocket and I was extremely confused. But I just followed it step by step and it turned out great! Well, actually I sewed it on backwards at first and had to unpick, and I sewed it a bit further down than you were supposed to and one corner isn't so pretty... But apart from that its perfect!
This is how it looks on the small setting. Not the prettiest, but its not got the bulk at the front that other one sizes have. In the 1st picture you will see little hook tabs on the front of the loop, well you pull the little hook tabs out and then fold over the top. The loop on the front sticks on to the hook tabs.
I didn't realise I'd made a trio of primary colours!


Kayla said...

Hi Sarah :) Your welt looks awesome! I'm glad you like the diaper!

Jones said...
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Jones said...

Love your first KCK! I am debating on buying the pattern as well. What did you use as your outer & inner layers?