Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Sorry, bad pictures again. It was late at night. I made 4 pairs of these. They did say the sizing was 18-24lbs - but they looked as if they'd fit. The pattern was already cut out on my desk, and I've run out of tracing paper to trace any more.

I tried them on the babe this morning and they do fit quite well. They are a bit on the small side, but they'll do. But he says "No! Hate!" lol.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

5 Done!

Suddenly it seems like quite an achievement now that I see them all together - and realise that 5 can probably see us through a whole day if he has some nappy free time.
Pictures are pretty awful. My camera was on easy shoot mode. Never really had a problem with that before. Maybe the lighting wasn't quite right.

I've got a dark brown one, a navy, a baby blue and two print ones. The navy and brown one are front fastening ones, with touchtape. I was rushing so they look as if I've been sewing while drunk! They look bad. But they'll do the job. The rest are side fastening, with touchtape. I realised that I couldn't put fold back laundry tabs on the front of the side fastening ones because I wouldn't be able to get the inserts right to the front.

I used free moving elastic in the first ones I made, which ended up looking pretty horrible. You can see in the picture, the car print one - it looks all kind of lumpy. It's maybe not the right technique to use for pocket nappies. I sewed the elastic to the seam allowance on the owl print and baby blue one and it looks nicer. The fabric gathered nicely.
I was going to take a picture of the fronts of these two, but a little boy climbed up on his chair and plonked his (bare) butt on the table, sweeping the nappies away as I was taking the picture.
The plan now... make up a few little pairs of underwear using the Sprightly Soaker pattern. They are really fast to make up. I can probably get 6 or more pairs made up tonight. Tomorrow I need to go to the sewing shop. I was in there today to get elastic, and I noticed they had suedecloth. But I didn't have enough money on me. I'll get a yard and make up as many nappies as I can. I'm also going to make a few covers, so I can use my tots bots nappies. Then we'll be all set!

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Tie Dye

I cleared out my drawers recently and I was going to get rid of all my old grayish whites, but a friend suggested I dye them. At first I thought that sounded like too much work, but then I remembered the tie dye kit I've had for YEARS. It was FUN!!! We all want to get some more dye and dye some more t.shirts.

The vest top and long sleeved top are mine, and the other one is a t.shirt of W's that I grabbed out of the washing pile. It turned out really great! We all said "Wow!" when I untied it.

This turned out pretty cool too, better than my long sleeved top I think. My top is a bit patchy.

This looks so cool! The blue and yellow made green, and the yellow and pink made orange, and the pink and blue made purple. Nice! I didn't like the look of the yellow much when I made the dye up. It did look as if the colours were going to make brown when they mixed together.
These are some play silks. They were supposed to be backdrops for our nature table. These colours are hardly found anywhere in nature! I used the same dye technique with these, so they look kind of marbled. The green one looked really terrible, but it rinsed out nicely.
I've almost finished making one nappy. I just need to sew the touchtape on. I'm not too happy with the way it looks. I think the fleece is a bit too bulky for the elastic to gather nicely. I hope to finish it tonight, and maybe even get two more done. Not very likely though.

Thursday, 20 August 2009


We have a nappy emergency! We're going camping in a week and we are very short of nappies. The batch of pocket nappies I made a while back are too small now. I haven't really sewn anything in ages. i never seem to have the time. The baby has a 10:30pm bedtime right now, so it always seems too late to start something. But I'm going to have to make time!

I'm going got use the Darling Diapers pattern, large size and make some front closing and side closing nappies. I'm going to make them with free moving elastic in the casings, because I think that'll save time. I was going to make the front closing ones with snaps and the side closing ones with aplix, but I might do some with front aplix to save time. The problem is I only have a small amount of suedecloth (that I didn't even know I had till recently!). And I'll probably run out of elastic. Or maybe I already have run out of elastic. A trip to the fabric shop tomorrow I think!

I think the pocket part is going to be a bit time consuming. I'll make up the 3 I have cut out tonight (hopefully!) Well, I'll aim to complete one, then I can try it on R for size tomorrow. I don't want to make a ton and find they don't even fit. Once I've made the one then I can make the rest assembly style.

Watch this space!!!