Saturday, 22 August 2009

Tie Dye

I cleared out my drawers recently and I was going to get rid of all my old grayish whites, but a friend suggested I dye them. At first I thought that sounded like too much work, but then I remembered the tie dye kit I've had for YEARS. It was FUN!!! We all want to get some more dye and dye some more t.shirts.

The vest top and long sleeved top are mine, and the other one is a t.shirt of W's that I grabbed out of the washing pile. It turned out really great! We all said "Wow!" when I untied it.

This turned out pretty cool too, better than my long sleeved top I think. My top is a bit patchy.

This looks so cool! The blue and yellow made green, and the yellow and pink made orange, and the pink and blue made purple. Nice! I didn't like the look of the yellow much when I made the dye up. It did look as if the colours were going to make brown when they mixed together.
These are some play silks. They were supposed to be backdrops for our nature table. These colours are hardly found anywhere in nature! I used the same dye technique with these, so they look kind of marbled. The green one looked really terrible, but it rinsed out nicely.
I've almost finished making one nappy. I just need to sew the touchtape on. I'm not too happy with the way it looks. I think the fleece is a bit too bulky for the elastic to gather nicely. I hope to finish it tonight, and maybe even get two more done. Not very likely though.

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Pink said...

Very cool. Thanks for trying my idea and for showing the gorgeous results! I am terrified to try tie dye but you make it seem so easy.