Thursday, 20 August 2009


We have a nappy emergency! We're going camping in a week and we are very short of nappies. The batch of pocket nappies I made a while back are too small now. I haven't really sewn anything in ages. i never seem to have the time. The baby has a 10:30pm bedtime right now, so it always seems too late to start something. But I'm going to have to make time!

I'm going got use the Darling Diapers pattern, large size and make some front closing and side closing nappies. I'm going to make them with free moving elastic in the casings, because I think that'll save time. I was going to make the front closing ones with snaps and the side closing ones with aplix, but I might do some with front aplix to save time. The problem is I only have a small amount of suedecloth (that I didn't even know I had till recently!). And I'll probably run out of elastic. Or maybe I already have run out of elastic. A trip to the fabric shop tomorrow I think!

I think the pocket part is going to be a bit time consuming. I'll make up the 3 I have cut out tonight (hopefully!) Well, I'll aim to complete one, then I can try it on R for size tomorrow. I don't want to make a ton and find they don't even fit. Once I've made the one then I can make the rest assembly style.

Watch this space!!!

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