Saturday, 16 February 2008

Elizabeth Lee Designs NC#307

I have two finished projects! Both of them are made from the Elizabeth Lee 307 pattern.

Hmm, I look a bit odd in this picture. This top has been in my sewing box for about 3 years. Maybe even longer!

It's not exactly the ELD pattern. As I cut the pieces I thought they looked a bit square, and I wanted a more fitted look, so I'd cut pieces from a different top pattern and used the ELD instructions. At some point I decided it looked a bit odd so I threw it in the UFO box.

I found it again and I finished it off. It only really needed hemming and the button sewn on. It seems to fit well, although I have a bit of trouble keeping the neckline nice and straight while I'm wearing it.

It's made from black cotton velour and the mock t.shirt underneath is made from a cotton jersey knit.

This one follows the pattern exactly. It turned out quite nicely. It has optional ties at the back, which I decided to put on to give it a more fitted look.

The black fabric is a ribbed velour knit. I really love the blue butterfly stripe knit. I've had it for a long time, but I'm not really sure if it is quite right for this project.

The only thing I didn't really like is the length. The t.shirt is a bit longer than I'd usually wear. It sits over the top of my jeans and looks a bit lumpy.

I haven't found these tops particularly easy to breastfeed in, even though they are specially designed nursing tops. It is hard to undo your bra, and the top needs a lot of tugging and smoothing after you are finished to get it to lie flat again. Its hard to keep the neckline from shifting around too. And I found it was actually less discreete than an ordinary top! R isn't that keen on it either. The fabric of the outer part kind of drapes over him a bit and gets in his way. I'm sure I'll still get plenty of use out of them though.

Tonight I hope to hem a t.shirt for myself and if I get the chance, to cut out a pinifore/dressy type of thing for myself. I'm still working on R's smocked shepherd suit. All it needs is button holes and buttons and the pants part finished.