Friday, 24 October 2008

Sewing Challenge Results!

Here's what I made on my mini sewing challenge week...

Thursday: A small Chloe Toes pocket nappy. Yellow PUL outer and a mocrofleece inner.

Friday: I made the star print pocket Chloe Toes, and also put snaps onto the AIO. I used red lycra binding on the microfleece inner pocket edge. I don't know if it is the same stuff as FOE. It looks and feels exactly the same, but I decided not to make the whole thing with the red in case it leaked or something. Cat was getting in the way when I was taking the photos! He was trying to catch the cord on the camera.

Saturday: Medium sized Poquito Pants. This is the 1st pair I've made using FOE. I wasn't too sure if I'd like it or not, but it turned out really nice. It's fast and easy to make them this way too.

Sunday: Made another pair of medium Poquito Pants - t&t version this time. The knit fabric is really stretchy and seems quite fragile. I didn't sew a size tag on. Might go back and do that later. I also added snaps to the small pair of Poquito Pants - they're the pink ones. I had to seam the fabric at the crotch because I didn't have a big enough piece to make them with. They are VERY tiny!

Monday: Another pair of medium Poquito Pants. I seamed the fabric on these too so there would be a chick facing up the way on each side. I also tried putting the size tag under a snap, but I don't think that was very succesful. I think the raw edge at the top will fray.

Tuesday: A final pair of medium Poquito Pants. The outer fabric is sort of a brushed cotton knit, and the inner is velour on these. Ran out of interlock. I also ran out of white thread while I was making them, so I top stitched in red. I don't think it looks very good. Black might have been better and black snaps too, rather than red.
Wednesday: Didn't make a thing! Came in at 9pm from a meeting, and by the time I got R to sleep it was too late to start anything.
Here's my weeks work! Not too bad I think. I really need to make an effort to get a couple more things finished. I have a project to work on this week, but I need to give myself a few more challenges to complete.

Monday, 20 October 2008

Sewing challenge update

It's going quite well!

I've got 6 completed items. Two more almost prepped to sew tonight. After that I'll probably be making snap in soakers for the nappies I've made recently. I've also joined a bag swap on my sewing group - which is kind of exciting! I don't have my swap partner yet, so I don't know what I'll be making. I want to make some bags for Christmas gifts this year too.

Here is a little preview of some of the completed items:

x3 Chloe Toes - one is an AIO the other two are pockets.

Here is what the boy was up to while I was trying to put snaps on them.

Tipping a bag of snaps out all over the window ledge....

Playing with the snap press. He was trying to put a pen through the hole in the handle.

And, his all time favourite thing to do... fiddle with the radio!

He has been sleeping a bit better now. I noticed he has some new teeth at the back, so maybe that's what was causing him to wake up all the time. Poor thing!

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Mini Sewing Challenge

I'm giving myself a mini challenge. To sew one item or complete one UFO every day this week. I've started the week on Thursday since we'll be out all next Thursday evening. I completed one item on Thursday, and one last night. So its going well so far! Not too sure what I'll work on this evening, but hopefully I'll get a chance to cut or apply snaps during the day so I'm ready to start sewing this evening when R goes to sleep. Will post pictures of everything next Thursday.

Once I've done that I'm going to start on some Christmas sewing!

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Home Education

Well, I got my fabric! I also got some really lovely patterns this week too. All I need now is time to sew with them. With a boy who seems to wake every half an hour after he's been put to sleep time isn't something I have much of :-(

I just wanted to make a post about home education. For the first time ever I feel like we are getting somewhere and that I know what I am doing! I've finally got all the stuff together that I need for this school year and I've been busy scribbling down some sort of a time table. I wanted to post it here so I don't lose it!

This one is for S - who is nearly 7. He is doing Christopherus 1st Grade, and his time table pretty much follows what they've set out.

2 weeks - getting ready for school
2 weeks -Language arts (introducing the alphabet)

2 weeks - Language arts (introducing the alphabet)
1 week - Nature
1 week - Holiday

4 weeks - maths (introducing numbers)

2 weeks - Language arts (introducing the alphabet)
2 weeks - Holiday

1 week - Nature
3 weeks - maths (introducing 4 processes)

4 weeks - Language arts (starting writing & reading using Fairy Tales)

3 weeks - Nature (planting a garden etc)
1 week - holiday

1 week - holiday
3 weeks - Maths

2 weeks - Language arts (fairy tales)
2 weeks - Nature

For this we are using the Christopherus 1st Grade Curriculum, The Seven Year Wonder Book, Grimms Fairy tales and Painting with Children. We have several library books for read alouds too. In between the lessons we've got painting, drawing, baking, cooking, knitting, nature crafts, playing the recorder etc.

E is doing 2nd grade. Here is her schedule.

3 weeks - Language arts (Fables)
1 week - Michaelmas

2 weeks - Language arts (Fables)
2 weeks - Language arts (The King of Ireland's Son)

1 week - Language arts (The King of Ireland's Son)
1 week - Martinmas celebrations
2 weeks - maths (odd & even numbers,vertical sums)

1 week - Saint Nicholas celebrations
1 week - Saint Lucia celebrations
1 week - Winter Solstice celebrations
1 week - holiday

4 weeks - Maths (Months of the year, days if the week, seasons, time, place value, 3 & 11 times tables)

4 weeks - Language arts (Saints and hero's)

3 weeks - maths (place value, carrying & borrowing, more times tables)
1 week - spring equinox celebrations

1 week - Easter celebrations
3 weeks - maths (money, times tables)

1 week - May Day/Beltane celebrations
3 weeks - consolidating what we've learned/ finishing up unfinished work.

For this we're using A Little Garden Flower 2nd Grade curriculum, Christopherus 2nd grade maths book, Christopherus Saints and Hero's book, The King of Ireland's Son, Aesops Fables and a ton of seasonal and nature books from the library. Plus some read alouds. We've already read Georges Marvelous Medicine, Gobbolino the Witches Cat and Diary of a Killer Cat. We're also doing knitting, painting etc to go with this.

I think that's everything! Hope to have a sewing post soon.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

No fabric yet...

Gah. Still waiting for my fabric. I found the tracking thing on Paypal and it said that it left the US on the 3rd of October. So that's not too bad. I'm sure last time I looked at it it said that it had dispatched on the 25th of September! I was starting to get worried about it. It'll probably be here by Friday.

I made my 1st Chloe Toes nappy last night. Its a pattern I've been wanting to get forever! It was actually a bit trickier and more time consuming that I had expected. And the blades of my overlocker made a horrible job on the soaker :-( I looked them up online and they are very expensive :( We have ordered a family railcard, and when I get that I think I might take a trip to Stirling and see if they have any - and probably eye up the embroidery unit for my sewing machine. I think its £495. Eeeks. But maybe it might be on special offer or something.
Not sure if I'll have an awful lot of time for sewing (not that I ever had much time for sewing!). We've booked tickets to see Horrid Henry at the Kings Theatre in Edinburgh. Thats in a few weeks time. November is National Novel Writing Month (also known as Nanowrimo) and I plan to do that. You have to write a 50,000 word novel in a month. I did it in 2006 and won. R was just a few weeks old last Novemeber so I didn't do it then. I'm spending a bit of time over the next few weeks planning for that. Then it'll be December. Yikes! We're going to see a Christmas panto in the Tron theatre in Glasgow. Its a home ed trip. So I'm going to be kind of busy.

Can't really do a blog post without pictures, so here is some of E's work that she's been doing. We've been doing fables. She took the photos herself, with a close up of the peacock that she drew because she was really proud of the way it turned out :-)

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Did I already post these?

I'm sure I must have put a pic of them somewhere...

These are some KCK Ones I made for someone from our home education group. The flower and ladybird one is a modified KCK One. I put a snap down rise on the front, something like a Bumgenius - not that I've actually seen a Bumgenius in real life. I might make a snap closing one at some point. I think the wings would need to be shortened just a little bit, and I'd probably put two rows of snaps to stop wing droop. The paper in the pic is an instruction sheet I printed out.

I think the colours look really pretty together. The royal blue seems a bit out of place I think. I did have a yellow and a red cut out, so it was a selection of primary and pastel colours - but I've run out of labels and aplix now. I used microfleece for the inners of these, but I'd like to try suedecloth. I plan to order some to try out, and I think I'd like to get a few cuts of PUL in colours I don't have. Like some greens maybe. I think I will probably make more of these for R because we use them so much.
I'm actually waiting on a delivery of PUL. Hope it arrives tomorrow! Most of it is colours I already have - I'm just topping my stock up. But I've got chocolate brown ordered. I'm not a brown fan, but it seems to be an in colour at the moment. Brown and pale pink, brown and turquoise - they're all nice combinations. Please let it arrive tomorrow!!!!!!