Friday, 24 October 2008

Sewing Challenge Results!

Here's what I made on my mini sewing challenge week...

Thursday: A small Chloe Toes pocket nappy. Yellow PUL outer and a mocrofleece inner.

Friday: I made the star print pocket Chloe Toes, and also put snaps onto the AIO. I used red lycra binding on the microfleece inner pocket edge. I don't know if it is the same stuff as FOE. It looks and feels exactly the same, but I decided not to make the whole thing with the red in case it leaked or something. Cat was getting in the way when I was taking the photos! He was trying to catch the cord on the camera.

Saturday: Medium sized Poquito Pants. This is the 1st pair I've made using FOE. I wasn't too sure if I'd like it or not, but it turned out really nice. It's fast and easy to make them this way too.

Sunday: Made another pair of medium Poquito Pants - t&t version this time. The knit fabric is really stretchy and seems quite fragile. I didn't sew a size tag on. Might go back and do that later. I also added snaps to the small pair of Poquito Pants - they're the pink ones. I had to seam the fabric at the crotch because I didn't have a big enough piece to make them with. They are VERY tiny!

Monday: Another pair of medium Poquito Pants. I seamed the fabric on these too so there would be a chick facing up the way on each side. I also tried putting the size tag under a snap, but I don't think that was very succesful. I think the raw edge at the top will fray.

Tuesday: A final pair of medium Poquito Pants. The outer fabric is sort of a brushed cotton knit, and the inner is velour on these. Ran out of interlock. I also ran out of white thread while I was making them, so I top stitched in red. I don't think it looks very good. Black might have been better and black snaps too, rather than red.
Wednesday: Didn't make a thing! Came in at 9pm from a meeting, and by the time I got R to sleep it was too late to start anything.
Here's my weeks work! Not too bad I think. I really need to make an effort to get a couple more things finished. I have a project to work on this week, but I need to give myself a few more challenges to complete.


Angels With A Purpose said...

Can I pick your brain? I noticed you've used a lot of different patterns. I am starting to sew diapers and was wondering which pattern you liked best. I was thinking of buying the Darling Diapers.

nocton4 said...

wow, you busy busy lady .. all fab as always
huge love to you all