Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Chloe Toes

I made this today. It was really quick to make. I have lots more cut out, but I've run out of fold over elastic. I had a 100yd roll of it! How could I possibly have used that much?

This is made from laminated poly knit fabric and a microfleece inner. The blue fleece doesn't match any of the colours in the print, but I think it looks quite good together. Usually with directional prints I cut two pieces and sew them at the crotch, but since this was a waterproof fabric I didn't want to have a big seam that could leak. I put the print right side up on the back, so it looks a bit odd from the front.

I made the large size, and it is a bit on the big side. I did think it was a bit big when I was sewing it. The bigger sizes just don't look as cute as the teeny ones either! If I pull the elastic tighter I would maybe get a tighter fit around the legs. I do like the fit though. Its nice that it is under belly fastening.

I've stuffed it with a prefold for the picture. The tabs are pretty much even in real life, but they look really uneven in the picture. (Ignore the terrible rust mark on the table that my snap press made. Someone had spilled juice and not wiped it up properly. It had gone under the snap press and left a big rust mark!)

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

New Fabrics!

It's yummy! These are the fabrics that Ive been collecting over the last few months. These are what I'm going to make R's new nappy stash from.

Can't wait to get started, but I need some bamboo or some other absorbent fabric.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Not sure...

I don't know... not sure I really like these. They're made with a pattern from Oliver+S. I haven't hemmed the legs, or put the buttons on. As you can see there isn't much leg to hem! They're going to look like a thong!!! These are a size 2, and R isn't 2 yet, but they're a bit of a tight fit. They seem long and skinny. His little fat tummy is bursting out! I really liked the idea of some short overalls that had a different fabric on the top, but I think these are just aren't practical for a little boy. There isn't much room for movement in them. I'm thinking I might add bands of the contrasting fabric onto the bottom of the legs, rather than hemming them. I think all that blue needs broken up a bit. I think it'll balance them out a bit with the contrast on the legs too. I'm not really loving the pointy button tabs either. I'd rather have the straps go behind the front. It gives more room for adjustment since you can move the button as they grow.
Bit disappointed, but I'll see how they look when they're completely finished.

Girly Stuff

Argh, all the pink is hurting my eyes!

These are for a friend. A VERY late baby gift! The ones on the bottom row are Poquito pants. This is the first time I've made some with a waterproof outer. I hope they'll work ok. I felt that they could have done with an extra layer of fabric inside to give them a bit more stability.

The chick pair gave me fits! The colour was very hard to match. I have a lot of pinks, but not anything that is such a bright magenta pink. As I was stumbling around in the half dark, trying not to wake R I thought that the wings on the chicks looked a plum colour. I found a fabric that I thought matched really well. In the daylight I realised that they are not plum at all, they are 100% chocolate brown! Ideally I'd have used white, but the only white I had was really thin and unstretchy. I also seamed the chick ones at the crotch, since its a directional print. That way the chicks will be facing up on both sides.

All the really bright pink was blinding me, so I decided to make a nice neutral pair out of hemp jersey. I added pale pink snaps engraved with penguins.

The pair at the top are made with the Sprightly Soaker pattern. I have used it for making wool soakers before, but it also has an option for underwear. I thought I'd try it out. There was the boy cut and the high cut option. These are the high cut ones. I should have been more careful lining up and cutting the print because its a bit off centre. I sewed a little label on the back too. I quite like these and might make some for R at some point.


Here are all the cloth wipes I've made so far:

I think there are about 40-something of them. I made them the same size as a disposable wipe, but maybe they'd be nicer if they were just a little bit bigger.

I stacked them concertina like, the way disposable wipes are in the packet, so when you pull one up the next one is handy to be pulled out. But they all stick together and won't come apart when you pull them. Maybe if they were wet it would be ok though.
This picture isn't too good. It was getting dark. The ones on the top row are flannel on both sides. The space fabric and dog fabric are backed with hemp stretch terry. I've got a couple more of the dog ones still to sew, but I ran out of the rainbow thread. The cat ones are flannel on both sides. I used pink thread on one side and blue on the other. But you can't see that at all in the picture.
These are yummy! They're nice thick interlock fabric. Mostly for nappies, but I think R needs a pair of pyjamas or a t.shirt or something made from the "beastie" fabric. He had some beastie pjs before that he loved but they're too small now. I have a very exciting parcel on the way!!!!! Hope to get it next week. Its some more interlock fabric and some matching PUL made from the same fabric. It is going to be delicious!