Saturday, 11 July 2009

Not sure...

I don't know... not sure I really like these. They're made with a pattern from Oliver+S. I haven't hemmed the legs, or put the buttons on. As you can see there isn't much leg to hem! They're going to look like a thong!!! These are a size 2, and R isn't 2 yet, but they're a bit of a tight fit. They seem long and skinny. His little fat tummy is bursting out! I really liked the idea of some short overalls that had a different fabric on the top, but I think these are just aren't practical for a little boy. There isn't much room for movement in them. I'm thinking I might add bands of the contrasting fabric onto the bottom of the legs, rather than hemming them. I think all that blue needs broken up a bit. I think it'll balance them out a bit with the contrast on the legs too. I'm not really loving the pointy button tabs either. I'd rather have the straps go behind the front. It gives more room for adjustment since you can move the button as they grow.
Bit disappointed, but I'll see how they look when they're completely finished.

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