Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Chloe Toes

I made this today. It was really quick to make. I have lots more cut out, but I've run out of fold over elastic. I had a 100yd roll of it! How could I possibly have used that much?

This is made from laminated poly knit fabric and a microfleece inner. The blue fleece doesn't match any of the colours in the print, but I think it looks quite good together. Usually with directional prints I cut two pieces and sew them at the crotch, but since this was a waterproof fabric I didn't want to have a big seam that could leak. I put the print right side up on the back, so it looks a bit odd from the front.

I made the large size, and it is a bit on the big side. I did think it was a bit big when I was sewing it. The bigger sizes just don't look as cute as the teeny ones either! If I pull the elastic tighter I would maybe get a tighter fit around the legs. I do like the fit though. Its nice that it is under belly fastening.

I've stuffed it with a prefold for the picture. The tabs are pretty much even in real life, but they look really uneven in the picture. (Ignore the terrible rust mark on the table that my snap press made. Someone had spilled juice and not wiped it up properly. It had gone under the snap press and left a big rust mark!)

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