Saturday, 11 July 2009

Girly Stuff

Argh, all the pink is hurting my eyes!

These are for a friend. A VERY late baby gift! The ones on the bottom row are Poquito pants. This is the first time I've made some with a waterproof outer. I hope they'll work ok. I felt that they could have done with an extra layer of fabric inside to give them a bit more stability.

The chick pair gave me fits! The colour was very hard to match. I have a lot of pinks, but not anything that is such a bright magenta pink. As I was stumbling around in the half dark, trying not to wake R I thought that the wings on the chicks looked a plum colour. I found a fabric that I thought matched really well. In the daylight I realised that they are not plum at all, they are 100% chocolate brown! Ideally I'd have used white, but the only white I had was really thin and unstretchy. I also seamed the chick ones at the crotch, since its a directional print. That way the chicks will be facing up on both sides.

All the really bright pink was blinding me, so I decided to make a nice neutral pair out of hemp jersey. I added pale pink snaps engraved with penguins.

The pair at the top are made with the Sprightly Soaker pattern. I have used it for making wool soakers before, but it also has an option for underwear. I thought I'd try it out. There was the boy cut and the high cut option. These are the high cut ones. I should have been more careful lining up and cutting the print because its a bit off centre. I sewed a little label on the back too. I quite like these and might make some for R at some point.

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