Saturday, 5 July 2008

Darling Diapers

I just got this pattern a few days ago. Wow! It has so much in it. I could hardly decide what to make. I decided on some All in Ones for easy Daddy changes. The first one is made with yellow PUL, a hidden layer of hemp stretch terry and a striped flannel inner. The soaker snaps in and is made from 3 layers of hemp fleece and matching flannel.

Here is the side view. its really quite trim. I used blue touchtape for the side tabs because I thought it would look cool.
This is the inner. The soaker is overlocked with woolly nylon. I don't usually use woolly nylon, but it was in my machine, and it was a pretty good match. My boy would not let me get a picture! He is trying to get the camera. And yes, I totally dress my boy in a lilac nappy!
Was trying to get a modelling shot, but he wasn't co-operating. Its actually a bit smaller than I thought it would be. As I was sewing it I was sure the legs were too big. It didn't seem like the elastic was stretched enough, but it fits fine. I think I'd have been better off going for the large rather than the medium size. I'd prefer it if it was a bit trimmer through the crotch. I might modify that a bit if I make it again. The flat front didn't seem to gap like I thought it would, so it was pretty succesful... except Daddy still managed to put it on backwards. Then he accused it of being a stupid design and because he hadn't stuck the tabs down right it fell off and he accused my sewing of being crappy :-(
I made the red one with snaps just to be different. It turned out ok too. Its the same as the one above except for the red PUL and the flannel has stars on it. I also did a decorative stitch round the front. The stitch didn't want to go round the curves very well, so its a good job the snaps are hiding it :-)


TheGraceDiaries said...

I just got all of the darling diaper patterns from the net a few days ago and made my fisrt one yesterday, a side snapping one with a sewn in soaker. You did a great job, yours look alot better than my one. I will have to blog my one when I have a chance.

rabe126 said...

Thank you for this. I am shopping around for diaper patterns, which is overwhelming at the moment.

Thank you for the pics.

You did it all with four around you and i have none.

Kudos to you (and the candy bar too if you like it, haha)

Chaos51 said...

When you printed the patterns did the test squares measure 1.5 inches? I've tried printing them following the instructions on multiple computers and printers and unless I scale the pattern (which the instructions say not to do) it doesn't come out 1.5 inches? Did you have that problem too?

Lynn Nasir said...


you did a good job! very nice fitting diaper :)