Sunday, 21 November 2010

Nanowrimo is over for me.

My laptop just died.  It was going pretty badly anyway.  I changed my mind about what I was going to write on the first day - then I was ill for over a week, so I fell way behind.  Then I realised that my new idea basically had no plot, so it was really a drag to write.  I managed to get to about 17,000 words.  Now the hard drive has gone on my laptop.  It was kind of old.  I got it in 2004 and it wasn't new then.  My other two 50k+ novels are on that hard drive, and pretty much anything else I've ever written.  But I'm not too sad about it.  They are still in my head.  I could always write them again if I wanted to.

While I was ill I did some smocking.  I started on an unfinished project.  Now I'm not going to be writing for the rest of the month I am going work on some sewing instead.  It's a bishop dress I am working on, so once the smocking is done it just needs a couple of bits of sewing to finish it off.  I have 2-3 other almost done dresses.  I will work on getting them done.

I didn't get any good pictures from Hallowe'en detailing the costumes I made.  This is S - wearing his mask the wrong way round.  The elastic should be on the inside.

 This is E in her girl superhero costume.  The tops on both costumes were very very short.  E wasn't supposed to have red hair either.  We just sprayed it on last minute.  It doesn't really match!

A not very good pic of everyone.  You can't see the capes very well or the boots I made.  E was wearing her own pair of boots over a pair of orange and black striped tights.