Saturday, 11 July 2009


Here are all the cloth wipes I've made so far:

I think there are about 40-something of them. I made them the same size as a disposable wipe, but maybe they'd be nicer if they were just a little bit bigger.

I stacked them concertina like, the way disposable wipes are in the packet, so when you pull one up the next one is handy to be pulled out. But they all stick together and won't come apart when you pull them. Maybe if they were wet it would be ok though.
This picture isn't too good. It was getting dark. The ones on the top row are flannel on both sides. The space fabric and dog fabric are backed with hemp stretch terry. I've got a couple more of the dog ones still to sew, but I ran out of the rainbow thread. The cat ones are flannel on both sides. I used pink thread on one side and blue on the other. But you can't see that at all in the picture.
These are yummy! They're nice thick interlock fabric. Mostly for nappies, but I think R needs a pair of pyjamas or a t.shirt or something made from the "beastie" fabric. He had some beastie pjs before that he loved but they're too small now. I have a very exciting parcel on the way!!!!! Hope to get it next week. Its some more interlock fabric and some matching PUL made from the same fabric. It is going to be delicious!

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