Sunday, 5 October 2008

Did I already post these?

I'm sure I must have put a pic of them somewhere...

These are some KCK Ones I made for someone from our home education group. The flower and ladybird one is a modified KCK One. I put a snap down rise on the front, something like a Bumgenius - not that I've actually seen a Bumgenius in real life. I might make a snap closing one at some point. I think the wings would need to be shortened just a little bit, and I'd probably put two rows of snaps to stop wing droop. The paper in the pic is an instruction sheet I printed out.

I think the colours look really pretty together. The royal blue seems a bit out of place I think. I did have a yellow and a red cut out, so it was a selection of primary and pastel colours - but I've run out of labels and aplix now. I used microfleece for the inners of these, but I'd like to try suedecloth. I plan to order some to try out, and I think I'd like to get a few cuts of PUL in colours I don't have. Like some greens maybe. I think I will probably make more of these for R because we use them so much.
I'm actually waiting on a delivery of PUL. Hope it arrives tomorrow! Most of it is colours I already have - I'm just topping my stock up. But I've got chocolate brown ordered. I'm not a brown fan, but it seems to be an in colour at the moment. Brown and pale pink, brown and turquoise - they're all nice combinations. Please let it arrive tomorrow!!!!!!

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Mommy Bean said...

Very pretty! They look so nice all together. You've been very busy:)