Tuesday, 25 August 2009

5 Done!

Suddenly it seems like quite an achievement now that I see them all together - and realise that 5 can probably see us through a whole day if he has some nappy free time.
Pictures are pretty awful. My camera was on easy shoot mode. Never really had a problem with that before. Maybe the lighting wasn't quite right.

I've got a dark brown one, a navy, a baby blue and two print ones. The navy and brown one are front fastening ones, with touchtape. I was rushing so they look as if I've been sewing while drunk! They look bad. But they'll do the job. The rest are side fastening, with touchtape. I realised that I couldn't put fold back laundry tabs on the front of the side fastening ones because I wouldn't be able to get the inserts right to the front.

I used free moving elastic in the first ones I made, which ended up looking pretty horrible. You can see in the picture, the car print one - it looks all kind of lumpy. It's maybe not the right technique to use for pocket nappies. I sewed the elastic to the seam allowance on the owl print and baby blue one and it looks nicer. The fabric gathered nicely.
I was going to take a picture of the fronts of these two, but a little boy climbed up on his chair and plonked his (bare) butt on the table, sweeping the nappies away as I was taking the picture.
The plan now... make up a few little pairs of underwear using the Sprightly Soaker pattern. They are really fast to make up. I can probably get 6 or more pairs made up tonight. Tomorrow I need to go to the sewing shop. I was in there today to get elastic, and I noticed they had suedecloth. But I didn't have enough money on me. I'll get a yard and make up as many nappies as I can. I'm also going to make a few covers, so I can use my tots bots nappies. Then we'll be all set!

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