Saturday, 31 May 2008

I made a sling

I just finished this sling from the Blessed Designs Comfort Cuddler pattern. It only took a couple of hours. But.............. I don't think it fits properly. Look at my boy in the pictures. He can't really see out. The straps are really slippy also. I need to add a chest strap. I did shorten the straps already, but I should have shortened the body too.

I made it with a lovely soft aubergine cord, and lined it with some delicious bamboo velour. I've put a hidden layer of denim inside to strengthen it. The foam padding for the waist and straps came from an old changing mat. It had ripped and I was going to throw it away when I thought the foam might come in handy for something :-) I washed the foam in the washing machine, so I know it won't disintegrate or anything when I wash the sling.

The sling has a large elasticated pocket on the front. I wasn't going to put it on, because I wanted to make it up quickly, but the pocket was really fast and simple to make. There are darts in the seat of the carrier too.

Hopefully I'll be able to figure out a way to make this fit better. I can't really sell it or pass it on to anyone because I cut webbing for the waist really short. I was running out of webbing and was trying to be frugal with it so I'd have enough to finish it off. I think I cut some off the shoulder straps too. So its not really very adjustable for different sizes.

I've also been working on another sling. The pattern was free to download. It's going to be denim with a Michael Miller "lovely lanterns" print front panel. I've got a cool little clip thing I'm going to attach to the waist so I can clip keys on it etc. But the whole thing has been a complete PITB to make. And now I'm out of webbing too. The pattern instructions specified one width of webbing, but on the pattern pieces the webbing is narrower. Oh, and I've made a wool wrap. But it has no snaps on it yet. I'm still waiting on my snap press getting fixed. I reeeeeeeally need it back. There is a big queue of nappies waiting to get snapped. (I just ordered two new wool wraps today too. Shhhh)

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