Thursday, 8 May 2008

Some finished items!

These are the finished Fattycake pocket nappies I was making the other day. My hand hurts from applying all the snaps!

This is the inner. It's made with a really soft microfleece. Unfortunately the stud part of the snaps are cream, because I've ran out of white studs. The lilac one actually has pink studs on the inside!
This is how the pocket works. Apparently it's technical name is a "sham pocket". I didn't hem the edges since its fleece and won't fray.
Just thought I'd add these two pictures. I made them a month or so ago. I think they are medium sized Very baby AIOs. These are daddy-proof nappies! I made them so they'd be easy for him to use. Half the time he puts on two covers, or uses a cover with a nappy that it doesn't go with. The light blue is an AIO with a birdseye inner. The royal blue one is a pocket. It leaked spectacularly on its first use. Out of the back too, which is really quite odd. I put R down for a nap and when he woke up whe was soaked right up the back to his shoulders almost!
This is a baby gift I finished last night. Well not totally finished, still have to trim threads etc. its a Fattycake nappy with a cover. The cover was made from the same pattern, just bound with FOE.
Recognise the soaker pad I'm holding? It's the disaster I made the other day! I just chopped the seams off and shaped it into an hourglass sort of shape. I added an extra layer of sherpa to it. The body is cotton knit, hidden sherpa and topped with velour and the soaker is cotton knit, two layers of sherpa and topped with velour. I think I will make a hemp fleece booster to go along with it.
This is the inside of the lilac cover. I lined it in microfleece. You can't really see it well in the picture, but I left an opening in it. So its a 2-in-1. It can be a cover, or stuffed with an insert and be a pocket nappy. I'm not sure how well it'll work, but I think its a cool idea.

The lilac cover matches perfectly with this little Ottobre dress. (which still needs hemmed) Originally the dress is what I planned on making for a gift, but I don't think I will send it. I just don't like it that much. It's also really quite small, and the nappy set is quite big (for a new baby) so I doubt they could be worn together anyway.

These are the pants that are supposed to go with the dress. Annoyingly the pants pattern was in a different Ottobre magazine, even though they were pictured together. I think the leg openings are just too wide on them.
More pictures later.....

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nocton4 said...

The little top & pants outfit is adorable, you are far, far too hard on yourself.
Stop it now OK

all love darling
Denise xx