Friday, 20 June 2008

Diaper Shower

One of my sewing groups hold "Diaper Showers". Its based on the idea of a "baby shower" except the gifts are nappies. Here are two shower gifts I've made. Just need to get them posted. One to Canada and one to the US.

The 1st one is a Very Baby nappy made from bamboo velour, with a cover from the free Chloe Toes pattern and some flannel/hemp stretch terry wipes)

The 2nd one is also a Very Baby nappy, but made side snapping. The cover is the Very Baby Snug Wrap, which I put snaps on. The little bug on the back is an iron on motif that I stitched on. I'm going to get some fabric glue and glue the rest of it on. I should have placed it a bit lower down really.... I'll know next time. The wipes with this set are also flannel and hemp stretch terry.

I'm just finishing up a bunch of nappies. Off to do that now...

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