Monday, 4 August 2008

Sneak Peek

I have been very quiet lately. I joined a stash reduction game and so I've been busy sewing. It was scary cutting into all that fabric at first.. but now it feels great! Look what I've made... (pictures are rather awful since they were taken at night with the light on.)

A big pile of stuff!

Two Darling Diapers AIOs and a teeny weeny Little Comet Tails xxs AIO. These were for a diaper shower gift, but the baby turned out to be a boy! I will make something new. Poor baby boy is in NICU because he was born early and is having some problems :-( Hope he gets well soon.
Colours look awful in this pic. The orange is nicer in real life. Its a cover, and there are two Fattycakes nappies underneath. (Those are for you Denise!!!) The cover is part of a set i'm making.
10 Artistry Baby mini diapers and 10 KCK Ones. There is one modified KCK One that I put snaps on.
I adore this cover! Its so perfect. Its a much nicer colour in real life though. I put baby soft loop on the front and lined it with suedecloth fabric.
Look it has penguins on it! And it matches the outer fabric so nicely.The mini diaper fits perfectly inside it. I think the mini diapers will be handy to put inside night nappies too as mega boosters. Fingers crossed it will fit on the baby!

All that photo taking woke the poor wee boy up. He looks so crabby!

Well, thats all for now! Got to get cutting and sewing again...


Lucie said...

Blimey oh riley you've been busy!!!!! :-) I'm very impressed at your productiveness. Such gorgeous nappies (but then, I wouldnt expect anything less from such a talented lady!)

The Broken Man said...

Wow, you *make* you own nappies! I thought we were doing a good thing just planning on *using* re-usables when our baby is born, but making them takes comittment to a whole new place!

I'm seriously impressed!

The Broken man

nocton4 said...

wow wow and more bl**dy wows .. you have been very busy and they are all so stinking cute ... am very taken with the ones to cover a certain little person behind .. thanks so much