Sunday, 6 February 2011

UFO Challenge

So I'm not quite finished my To-do list yet, but I fancy a change of scene.  I’ve just had a rummage through my UFO boxes and I’ve found:

  • Girls Pjs
  • Ooga Booga hooded top
  • Smocked dresses x3
  • Oliver+S playsuit
  • Newborn nappy cover
  • Newborn AIO
  • Newborn nappy
  • AIO nappies x2
  • Dress/pinafore type thing
  • Baby carrier

Most of them are fairly simple to finish.  Makes me wonder why I never finished them in the first place!  I’ve got 13 items, so I will see how many I can finish in 7 days – starting tomorrow.  That gives me today to find pattern instructions and get everything I need to hand to finish these projects.

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