Saturday, 27 June 2009

Sewing related injury!

Was just merrily sewing some wipes on the overlocker when there was a big bang. A needle exploded, scattering tiny sharp bits everywhere! Got stabbed in the boob!!!!!! Well, at least it wasn't my eye.

I have cloth wipes now :-) LOTS of them! As soon as I have fished all the pieces of needle out of the machine and replaced it I can finish sewing the rest of them. I think I've done about 35 so far. I'm hoping to stop buying disposable products in an effort to be more eco-friendly. I won't need to buy disposable baby wipes any more. I had stopped buying kitchen roll, but M just bought some. To clean the windows he said. But I think flannel fabric will do a better job. I might make some "un-paper towels" for using in the kitchen. And I think i might make a small stack of cloth napkins for the children to use at the table. Not fancy cloth napkins like you'd get at a restaurant. Probably just some flannel squares to wipe their hands on.

I'm also working on a couple of other projects. Just got some snaps to add to one of them, and one bit to sew onto another.

My new fabric has been held hostage!!! Its at the Parcel Force depot till I pay the customs charge on it. I just paid for shipping of some other fabric today. It worked out at £28. Gulp! That was 6 yards, so it was £4.60ish per yard. I think i paid about $7 a yard - thinking hey, it's dollars, it'll be cheap! But maybe not.


nocton4 said...

oh my goodness in the boob ahhhhh !!! is all well now ?

Sarah said...

lol! Yes, it is fine now :)

You wouldn't think sewing could be such a dangerous hobby!