Monday, 1 June 2009

Old Sewing

I got a new shelf unit from Ikea to store fabric on. I'm in the process of transferring fabric from boxes and drawers onto the new shelves. I have found a LOT of unfinished projects. I also found a little dress that I made for E when she was about 3. It was one of my most favourite things I've ever made. I kept it even though she'd outgrown it. I thought maybe some day I'd have another girl to put it on, but I've ended up with 3 boys instead! Well, i pulled it out and thought hmmm... that could be a top. And so it became a top! It looks really nice too, and seems to fit a lot better than it did when I made it. It ties at the shoulders and it was always a bit gappy. Its the perfect fit now :-)

E tried to model it creatively so you could see better what it is like!

There are a lot of unfinished things in boxes, some only need a couple of things to finish them off, so I'll get onto that as soon as I can. Some things I did throw away (into the textile recycling bin of course). I'm looking forward finishing sorting all the stuff out. It is a big mess at the moment.

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