Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Cheated a little bit. My mum came over last night, and the children didn't get to bed till late, then M brought takeaway home, so I only had the chance to sew a couple of buttons on and hand stitch the cuffs in place. I finished it off completely when R was having a nap this afternoon. Perfect timing - he woke up when I sewed the last button on!

The pattern is called Ollie. Its a long sleeved shirt that buttons onto 3/4 length bloomer sort of trousers. The trousers are cord and the top is made from a very soft and lightweight twill. I had to hem the bottom of the shirt, hand stitch the cuff linings, sew button holes on the back of the shirt and sew all the buttons on. There are buttons on the legs of the trousers too, so you can change a nappy without unbuttoning the trousers from the shirt. I also tried to fix a slightly crooked bit of sewing on the collar band, but I think i ended up making it look worse :-O

Here is a close up of the smocking. I think this is one of the first projects I smocked actually. Shame it took so long to finish it off!
I have projects laid out for tonight. Putting a zip in (scary!) and if I finish that, sewing up a top. Will update with pictures tomorrow.


Lucie said...

Awww, that is absolutely gorgeous!!! Will it still fit DS? I hope he can get some wear out of it, it would be a shame after all the work that has obviously gone into it.


Sarah said...

No. Well I haven't actually tried it on him. It fits babies about 6 months old, so I'm a bit late! The cuffs on the shirt and on the bottom of the legs look too tight. I think I'd need to put him on a diet!

I've got a new home for it in mind. Just need to finish off something else to go with it first.