Saturday, 29 January 2011

My to do list

Alterations needing done:
  • Take up really long jeans
  • Take up other pair of jeans
  • Take up knit dress
  • Take up other dress
  • Take in denim dress
  • Possibly take up dress I am currently wearing(?)
Cutting out needing done:
  • Corduroy jacket
  • Mark cream blouse markings then remove pattern and cut out white blouse
  • Elastic in pjs
  • Jalie top needs hems
  • Possibly have a finishing marathon on old box of UFO’s
Sewing needing done:
  • Ottobre top – needs some interfacing cut out first
(Edited to add - this is my first time posting with Windows Live Writer.  It seems to be easy enough to use.  Will need to see what it is like with photos, since posting them with blogger can be a bit of a pain.)

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