Friday, 21 January 2011

Giving up supermarkets - pt 2

I cleaned out my cupboards last week.  I didn't think there was that much in them.  Wrong!!!!  I have been hoarding brown rice (4 packets of it!) and tinned tomatoes (7 tins).  There was more food in there than I would normally buy in a week.  So we've been eating from the cupboards for the last week.  I've just done a £50 order from Tesco since I had a £10 off voucher.  I went through (clicked on through so I could get some money back!) and I ended up saving £12 on the things I was going to buy.  They are a really good site.  Never used them before.  They suggest cheaper alternatives to the things you are going to buy.  It showed me that Tesco's "special offers" were not so special after all.  I'm hoping that this and the stuff in my cupboard will last me till the 4th of Feb - 2 weeks.

Then I will start up a weekly order with Grow Wild and do a bulk order for things like toilet roll etc from somewhere else.

Some exciting news (well exciting to me - my life really isn't that interesting!) my little corner shop has been taken over by new owners, and they stock organic milk!  And meat products from a local butcher, and today I noticed that they had Scottish yogurts.  They have a small stock of everything.  I already bought some dishwasher tablets from there.  They are open till 9pm every day too.  I'm thinking that if people don't buy the organic milk then they will stop stocking it, so I will make sure I buy from there.

I have ordered a few cook books this week from the last of my Christmas money.  I got a book called Five Minute Bread from the Book People.  This is the UK version of the book Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day.  Basically you just make a huge batch of dough, store in the fridge then bake as you need it.  Its about £8.99 over at Amazon, but the Book People are selling it for £4.99.  I also got myself Jamie's America (my family will laugh - they say I am obsessed with him!  I'm not, I was just really impressed with his 30 Minute Meals book) it was only £5.  I got a few books for the children, qualified for a free book and free delivery!  I went through the Top Cash Back website and earned £1.65 cash back on the whole order.  (if you want to join topcashback please can you use my referral link -  It's free to join.  I can earn £2.50 for referring people.  Thanks!!!!)

I bought a book from Amazon called The Takeaway Secret.  The guy who wrote it had agoraphobia and really missed going out to get a takeaway, so he started experimenting at home to try and recreate the perfect takeaway.  We don't really eat a lot of takeaways, occasionally a pizza, but my home made pizzas have never been much to write home about.  I bought it to expand my cooking a bit.

Sewing - I rearranged all my fabric storage, so it is all tidy now.  I tided up my sewing desk and shelves too.  I plan to finish off the pjs I was making this evening, and I am going to cut out a shirt pattern for myself.  A lovely friend sent me some fabric since she is giving up sewing.  There is some fabric there that is perfect for a shirt.

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