Sunday, 18 January 2009

A KCK Rainbow!

I just finished sewing the last one! These are made with the Kayla's Cloth Kits sized pattern. I made the large size. They're all pocket nappies that I plan on stuffing with small sized prefolds. The pattern recommends stuffing with a microfibre cloth, but I've never been able to find any good sized ones around here. I seem to have quite a few in shades of blue. I'd really like to get some green PUL to even up my rainbow a bit!

All the inners are made from suedecloth fabric (except the orange, which has a black microfleece inner). I've never used suedecloth before. I'm not sure if I like it or not. It's nice that it doesn't stretch while you are sewing, but it feels kind of synthetic. Thanks to M's help I managed to squeeze 7 inners out of 1 yard of the tan coloured suedecloth. They say men have a better spatial awareness, so I asked him to help me fit as much as possible onto the fabric. I got the suedecloth in a swap. The penguin one I bought a small piece of a while ago, and the ivory or lemon one was very kindly gifted to me. Nothing really matched the orange PUL, and I'd ran out of suedecloth, so I ended up using black microfleece. I wish I'd used black touchtape on the front too, because it would have looked better, but I'd already sewn white on.

They all have welt pockets on the front. I did have some trouble with that though. Because the pocket is so close to the edge and there are a lot of layers of fabric there its really difficult to topstitch. Some of them look kind of horrible. At least no one will see when the nappy is closed though. I figured out - after sewing most of them - that if you trim the excess off the welt pocket before you sew the PUL and suedecloth together then it makes less bulk and its easier to topstitch.
I estimate that these took about 6 hours - from cutting to finish. I sewed them in assembly line style, 5 at a time. Doing too many at once gets boring. I used a whole 3m pack of elastic, and some extra elastic! I used polybraid elastic, because I don't really like lastin in pocket nappies. The legs just never seem to gather nicely.
You know what the awful thing is? I think these are going to be too small!!!! They're large - which says they fit approximately 20 to 30lbs. I always thought my boy was about 10kg - about 22-ish lbs, but I weighed him at my mums the other week and the little lardy thing is 28lb! The nappies just look a bit small on the rise too. I will have to try them on him when he wakes up from his nap.
***Update*** We tried one and it JUST fits! They're so much smaller than the KCK One. I thought they'd be quite similar in size. Even my prefolds that fit prefectly in the KCK Ones needed extra folding to fit in the sized nappy. I'm sure I'll get a couple of months use from them though. It is nice sometimes to have a smaller trimmer fitting nappy.


TheGraceDiaries said...

They are great! I have been making ritarumppoockets and just done a few darlingdiapers but whenever i make a nappy i have always stuffed up in one way or another and the nappy is useless.

Sarah said...

Aw, sorry to hear that! I've been sewing nappies for nearly 7 years now, so I've had plenty of practice. I still make plenty of mistakes tho :-) Each one of these KCK nappies has got its own individual lovingly made flaw!