Thursday, 1 January 2009

2008 Totals

Just totalling up what I've sewn over 2008...

x37 nappies
x15 pocket nappies
x12 nappy covers
x10 mini diapers
x3 sets of washable wipes
x5 wool soakers
x5 pairs of EC pants
x1 bag
x1 nightdress
x4 breastfeeding tops
x1 camisole top
x2 pairs of pj trousers
x2 baby dresses
x1 SCC style sling
x1 pair of baby overalls
x3 felted balls (but they don't count since they're not really sewing)
x1 smocked shepherd suit
x1 pair of yoga pants
and, just before new year x1 ring sling - but no photos of that yet.

I don't think I've bought too much fabric this year. What I have bought has been needed to finish off some projects.

My goals for 2009 are probably pretty much the same as last year! To sew more! I'd like to make a bit of a dent in my fabric stash. And I'm going to try and be more organised, like starting my mothers day gifts pretty much now! Maybe an Easter dress for E and an outfit for R. And I plan on starting my Christmas sewing some time around August. Some gifts, some decorations and maybe some outfits.

I've been tidying up my sewing area over the last few days, so that'll give me a good start. I'd like to finish up some of my UFOs and I have about 12 pocket nappies cut out for R. I'd like to make some washable wipes and some other reuseable bits and bobs, so I think that will be my goal for this month - the nappies and wipes. Then next month I'll do my mothers day gift.

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Kelly said...

That's an inspirational sewing achievement for 2008 Well done you! I didn't even use my sewing machine once during 2008. Better dust it off and get going!