Thursday, 31 January 2008

What I'm Working on

Thought I'd update this with this months totals. I've actually done quite a lot of sewing during January - just nothing is quite finished! I made some pj bottoms with a pattern from a Burda sewing mag. I used flannel from my stash. One pair for S and one pair for E. We want to get some plain t.shirts and use the flannel scraps to applique something on to them to make a matching set. I used some of E's left over flannel to make a nightdress by sewing it into a skirt and attatching it to a vest.

I used some black ribbed velour fabric to make myself a breastfeeding top using the Elizabeth Lee mother cover pattern.

The rest of the ribbed velour I made into Elizabeth Lee 307, which is a mock twinset. I squeezed the two tops out of 2 yards of fabric! Both of them together should have used 3 yards.

And lastly, I am half way through making a smocked shepherd suit for my delicious boy. He will look sooooooo cute in it. He will probably complain about me making him wear a "dress" when he is older though!

That's all I've done this month. I hope to buy some t.shirts so I can finish off the pjs soon. I really just need to hem the breastfeeding tops and to finish off R's little suit. Hope to get all that done soon.

My next project is going to be a bit more ambitious. I plan on making a top for myself with a silk fabric. Never sewn with silk before, so it will be a new experience. I'm going to try and alter the pattern too.

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nocton4 said...

lovely little blog .. look forward to seeing what your up to.
love to you and your yummy little ones