Saturday, 26 January 2008

Sewing Goals for 2008

My sewing goals for 2008 are:

Sew more!


Sew better!

I'd like to try and use up a lot of my stash. If my kids need something new I'll see what I have in my stash before I buy anything. I'd like to try and improve my sewing techniques, and make things that look more professional, rather than home made.

I also want to finish 3 quilts. The tops are done,they just need layered and quilted. One of them is a Christmas quilt I started in 2004! I'd really like to have that done for this Christmas!!! I also have fabric bought for a quilt I wanted to make for my parents about two Christmases ago. Its not even been started yet! It is quite complex, but if I work on it a little bit every so often surely I can finish it for Christmas.

I'd like to declutter my sewing area and organise everything so sewing is faster and easier. Not having to spend 20 minutes looking for something would be nice! I want to go through my UFOs and finish as much as I can, or get rid of things. Like things in size T4 for my now 7 year old! I think I will get rid of LOTS of patterns and maybe even *deep breath* some fabric from my stash. Not quite sure how I'm going to achieve any of this. My baby is 3 months old and never spends any time sleeping during the day. He has just the odd 15 minutes here and there. And he doesn't go to sleep till midnight!

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