Friday, 6 November 2009

Not Sewing

I planned to make a costume for R this year. He was going to be a bee, but I thought by the time I buy the pattern (£5) and the fabric (£10-£15) and the other bits and bobs it was going to cost a fortune. So I bought a £7.99 costume. The sewing on it was hideous, and the fabric felt horrible. But it looked effective. Next year... (I say that every year, and suddenly before I know it its Halloween and because its close to Christmas I don't tend to have a lot of spare cash).
We did make a costume for S though. I sliced my finger with the tinfoil and it was agony! And burnt myself with the glue gun. Most of the buttons (milk bottle lids) had fallen off by the time we took this picture. Oh!!! I did make the silver trousers he wore. At about 11:55pm the night before.

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