Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Boy t.shirt to girl t.shirt

We got some t.shirts from my cousin recently. One was a Harry Potter t.shirt (apparently! I've never read the books or watched the films - its not something that appeals to me). E is the only one that likes Harry Potter, but the t.shirt was a bit boxy and boyish, so I turned it into a girly t.shirt. Ok, the print doesn't look at all girly but she likes it. I used a Jalie pattern and I was able to cut it so I could use the hemmed sleeves and bottom edge which saved a lot of work. Hems are my least favourite parts!

Boy t.shirt:

Girl t.shirt:
I really need to press the seams but my iron is broken!
My brother gave me a big bag of t.shirts so I am going to recycle them into some tops for the boys, which will be fun.

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