Thursday, 17 September 2009

Something Girly

I've been doing a little bit of sewing. I'm really in a nappy sewing mood. Unfortunately I've used my very last bit of bamboo fleece, so I can't really make much. I did find some birdseye though, so I used that to make a nappy. I think I'll make a couple more with birdseye. I have on way to me some time soon... some new PUL (greens mostly), some PUL prints and some suedecloth. But no soaker fabrics! I've also got a huge parcel I need to pay shipping on. $80. Gulp. Its mostly knit fabrics and a few patterns.
This is the first thing I made. Its a Darling Diapers AIO with a snap in soaker. I still need to get rid of the blue marks, and cut the threads on the soaker. The whole thing needs a wash because both fabrics I used were really dusty.

Next I made a sort of t&t/overlocked hybrid nappy. Its knit outer, bamboo fleece hidden layer and bamboo velour inner. I still have to cut and made the snap in soaker, so I used the birdseye soaker in it to give it a better shape in the picture. I sewed around the front and legs, added elastic and then turned and top stitched. Then I put in the back elastic and overlocked the back closed. I was going to add the snaps before overlocking the back closed so they'd be hidden. But I had a little problem with that on a previous one I tried to make. A needle hit a snap and got smashed. I think I'd need to adjust the snaps in a bit if I was going to do that. It is a small size, so there's not a lot of room to manover.

Here is a little bundle of things that I'm sending to a friend. A couple were made a while ago.
Starting from the bottom there is:
  • A Little Comet Tails Sprightly Soaker made from wool
  • PooPockets side snapping nappy (still needs snaps and a soaker)
  • 2 Fattycakes pocket style nappies
  • Darling Diapers AIO
  • Darling Diapers fitted nappy
  • A pair of Poquito Pants
They're all small size. There doesn't seem to be much variation in size between the different brands, although the PooPockets is quite a bit wider.

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