Saturday, 26 September 2009

Cutting Fest

I spent an evening cutting out fleece nappy covers. I don't even like fleece nappy covers! But I have a lot of fleece just hanging about doing nothing. I also cut out some pyjamas from the Kwik Sewing Sewing for Toddlers book. I always think everything in the book looks very 80's or early 90's, but who cares when it comes to pjs.

I sewed up the first pair of pyjamas, and they fit really well. He put them on and went straight outside. If I decide to cut any more out I think I'll do them without the ribbing waist band.

The other pair I cut out aren't quite finished yet. I decided to cut out the jumpsuit pattern. It made really cute pjs! And the ribbing I had matched really well. R is helping me by plugging the camera in. Its impossible to get a picture of him these days because he always wants to help.

I'm hoping to finish the pjs and start some of the fleece nappy covers tonight. If I sew them assembly-line style then they should be done pretty fast.


Arlenkern74 said...

those pjs are great what fabric did you use ?

Sarah said...

The jumpsuit is made from cotton interlock and the pjs are ribbed knit. The ribbed knit is a bit delicate for pjs really.

Sarah said...


Love your pjs!

Could we swap email addresses, I couldn't find a link...