Friday, 25 April 2008

More Nappies

This is the baby gift I made all finished and ready to go...

I really hate uploading pictures with Blogger. That is NOT where I wanted that picture to go!!!

Well, never mind.....

This week i have been working on some newborn nappies. They need some snaps. Applying snaps really hurts my shoulder and arm. Its hard work! I'm running low on a lot of snap colours too, so I had to use a combination of white and off-white on the nappies. I have some money for my birthday and I think i might buy a new set of dies, for size 20 snaps - slightly larger than the ones I have. And some new snaps. Anyway, this is what I've made:

x4 Very Baby newborn nappies, made from hemp jersey

x4 Mini nappies, made with a modified version of the Very Baby pattern

x2 Covers made by modifying the Very Baby pattern - these are for the mini nappies to snap into.

Ugh!!! Blogger and pictures is so annoying!!! These are the two covers. Still need to add snaps to them. I haven't decided if they should be front snapping or side snapping. I am leaning towards side snapping. The wings look a little bit big, so i think they'd be better tucked underneath.

This is the mini nappy that will snap inside the cover. I think I've put it in the wrong way round in the picture! The mini nappy has a hemp jersey inner and outer and a hidden layer of sherpa fleece. It has elastic legs. I suppose its something like the Imse vimes contour nappies. The soaker will snap in on top of it - once I add snaps! Its made from 3 layers of hemp fleece and topped with hemp jersey to match the mini nappy. The inside of the cover is lined with micro fleece.

I hope these will be ok for a newborn. It should be quite snug once it is all on.

This is one of the ikkle nappies with the snaps on a larger setting. For some reason there is only 4 snaps on the front of this. I'm not sure if that is a mistake on the pattern or not. Or if it was me that made the mistake??? There was a snap down bit for the umbilical cord, but I left those off. It might be a bit irritating having a snap near the belly button.

I do really like the look of the natural hemp fabric and the pastel coloured thread. The snaps on the front are off white, which matches nicely, but I ran out of the off whites, so the sockets underneath are white.

Oh, and this is a picture of my little darling!

Right now I'm working on another baby gift. It's a little dress with matching pants. I think I'll do a little top to go under it and make a matching nappy. It's from the Ottobre magazine.

I've also made something for R from the Ottobre magazine. It just needs snaps to finish.

Also on the list is finishing his shepherd suit. I've been working on it for ages!! It just needs button holes. I'm allergic to making button holes so I've been putting it off.

I'm planning on making lots more nappies. I'd love to have some tie dyed ones! I've also just ordered fabric for making a top for myself, and for making a sling.

Busy, busy, busy!!!

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