Saturday, 12 April 2008

A Baby Gift

I haven't managed to do any sewing for a while, but this project seemed to come together really quickly. I traced and cut the pattern during the day and was able to sew it - assembly line style in the evening. I was really pleased with how it turned out.

It's not the best photo really. There are 3 small sized Very Baby diapers, one newborn sized Chloe Toes cover, 6 cloth wipes and 5 fleece liners.

This is the inside of the Chloe Toes cover. Its a free pattern. The newborn size fits from 6-13lbs. It's really quite tiny and doesn't fit over my nappies - which are small size and fit 10-16lbs (i think!) I'm going to send it anyway. I'm just in the process of making a small sized cover. It fits 10-20lbs, so should fit nicely over the nappies. I'm making it in the pale pink, same as the other one. I also found an extremely cute ladybird and flower print fabric, which I'll use to make another cover. Am getting a bit carried away I think!

This is the Very Baby nappy. The soaker snaps in rather than being sewn inside, so it will dry faster. There is an extra booster pad as well, which fits under the soaker pad. The nappy is made from the knit outer, with a hidden layer of sherpa fleece and topped with cotton velour. The side snaps are hidden and so is the elastic, so none of it will touch the baby's skin. The snap in soaker pad is made from 3 layers of hemp fleece and topped with the white cotton velour. The extra booster is made from 3 layers of hemp fleece. It is going to be a very absorbent nappy I think.

I don't really like the bulk of the wings inside the nappy. It seems a bit fiddly to sort them as you are fastening it. I have a couple more baby gifts to sew - once the babies are born. Don't know if they are boys or girls yet. When I do them I'm going to change to front snaps rather than side snaps. Still, I'm fairly pleased with this project. I just have to wrap it up. I'm going to tie the nappies up in a bundle with ribbon and make a little tag to thread onto the ribbon with the size and washing instructions.

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nocton4 said...

far, far too cute.

Denise xx