Sunday, 13 June 2010

Haven't blogged in a long time

Probably because I haven't sewn in a long time.  I have been reading though.  A lot.  I've read 27 books this year so far.  Novels anyway, that's not counting all the non-fiction books I've read.  I am sewing now though, but what was I thinking....

I am making a mens formal suit.  Burda 7842 for the jacket and Burda 7841 for the trousers.  M has, well possibly has an interview.  (I am confident my creative writing skills on his application form will get him an interview.)  He doesn't have a suit to wear.  Looking at the cheap Asda brand suits depressed me.  They are made out of cheap sort of school uniform polyester.  The tailoring is rubbish, and because he is tall and thin they never fit well.  A better suit would be about £100.  Too much money.  And charity shop is too much of a hit or miss.

I decided to make one.  I bought discount fabric from Croft Mill.  It's a wool/poly/spandex fabric.  Altogether for fabric, lining, interfacing, zip etc it comes to £57.  Not including the cost of the two patterns, since I can use them again.

I picked the patterns because they were kind of trendy, rather than just a square shaped suit.  BUT... it is a real challenge.  There are french darts (think thats what they're called), welt pockets galore, handsewing... yikes.  It has to be perfect too.

I've cut the trouser pattern, adjusting the length slightly.  I've got all the pieces cut out and all the interfacing and bits and bobs cut.  I've done all the tedious marking, so I am ready to sew this evening.  I decided to do the trousers first, since they are less work than the jacket.  So, wish me luck!  I already have doubters, who are making comments on the fabric, and saying why not just buy one, and just saying that I can't possibly sew a suit.  I think they are imagining a hideous mess.  But it is going to be fine.  (I hope!)

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