Friday, 8 January 2010

Shocking News!

My boy has potty trained!!!!! Just when I reached PUL fabric nirvana! Actually he has been potty trained for a good few months now, even at night.... All that fabric looks lovely. What am I supposed to do with it now? I organised it into a rainbow on the shelf - impermeable to cats, who like to sneak in behind the stacks and lie on the flannel, which picks up hairs like crazy!

I have organised my fabric shelves. There seems to be more than ever! I have about 12 yards from a co-op waiting to ship home too... Oops. Oh yeah - and 4 more yards of PUL too! It was ordered about 6 months ago, but it had to be custom milled and laminated. I never thought R would have been potty trained by the time it arrived. I have cleared up the sewing desk too, but M has moved his computer upstairs and his stuff is spreading over my sewing area. I have not done any sewing at all this week. Bit disappointed since I planned to sew at least one evening a week. I am still gathering inspiration though. I'm waiting on two sewing books from amazon.

It has just been so cold recently, I don't fancy crawling about the floor in the draught trying to cut out patterns. I might clear off the table tomorrow and cut there. I'm going to sew something for myself, but I'm really not too sure if the fabrics are going to go together too well.

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