Monday, 3 March 2008

Not Sewing

Me and my lovely boy. Look at his red cheeks! He'd just woke up from a cosy nap on my knee.

He's only 4 months, but he's into Nintendo already.

My cake :) AKA "The most bestest chocolate cake in the world" It doesn't look quite as neat and lovely as the one in the magazine. It has two layers of white choc sponge and two layers of dark choc sponge, sandwiched together and topped with chocolate ganache (think thats what its called!) There is white choc and maltesers on the top. Mmmmm. Only about 1,000 calories per slice.

The aftermath. The cake was REALLY rich. If i made it again I'd use milk chocolate. We had whipped cream with it - just to quadruple the calories. I ate too much.

Back to sewing.....

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